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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the paid placement of your website next to the natural listings on the results pages of search engines like Google. Paid advertising on search engines is sometimes called Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing, since you only pay when a potential customer clicks on your advert and visits your site.

Two of the most popular search engine marketing services are Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Google AdWords is Google’s main source of revenue, since they do not charge for inclusion in their main index. Yahoo! Search Marketing, formerly known as Overture, is the second most important SEM service, and although it provides less traffic than Google should not be discounted.

Search Engine Marketing Is Fast

Search Engine Marketing produces results very quickly, and you can start and stop your SEM campaign any time you choose. This makes SEM a good short-term measure to launch a new site, to boost the number of visitors to a site when business is slow, or to promote seasonal product lines.

Search Engine Marketing Guarantees Results

Search Engine Marketing guarantees you a certain amount of traffic to your website, as long as you outbid your competitors. If you place a well-written advert at the top of the results page for a popular search phrase, then you will get very good exposure resulting in a steady stream of traffic. As long as your site effectively converts visitors into sales then this can be a very effective strategy.

Search Engine Marketing Is Transparent

Search Engine Marketing lets you track visitors to your site, so you can be very sure of the return on your investment. SEM allows you to test the conversion rate of different sales pages on your website, profile what time of day people typically search for your keywords, show which one of your unique selling points appeals the most to potential customers, and much more.

Search Engine Marketing Helps SEO

Finally, because of the low set-up costs involved, search engine marketing is a good way of testing keywords that you are thinking of using for a full Search Engine Optimisation campaign.

There can be a huge difference between your website’s conversion rate for different search phrases. For example, your website might convert 1% of visitors searching for “mortgage deals”, but nearer 10% of visitors searching for “bad credit mortgage deals”. This sort of information can be very useful when planning your SEO campaign.

Search Engine Marketing Company

Search Engine Marketing can be carried out directly through the search engine itself, so why would you use a professional search engine marketing company? The main benefit of using a search engine marketing company UK clients value is that we will help you get the most out of your PPC budget, making sure that your pay per click spend results in extra sales.

Large PPC campaigns can be time-consuming, so you can free up time by outsourcing PPC management to a dedicated search engine marketing company. There are also a number of traps and pitfalls that a reputable search engine marketing firm will guide you past, particularly when first setting up your campaign and trying to interpret the search data.

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